About Us

Based in the heart of Midrand, we provide quality ice products including a large stock of cubed and bagged ice. Midrand Ice is the number one manufacturer and supplier of top quality ice cubes in 6kg bags and 16kg ice blocks in Midrand and surrounding areas. Our expert team run the manufacturing, distribution and sales and our reputation for reliability, dependability and quality is growing all the time. We are also the only ice company with the handy cooler box ice ring in the middle of our bags of ice. Innovative and unique.

Frozen directly from crystal clear water, we ensure only pure and refreshing ice blocks and blocked ice get bagged ready for sale. Our friendly team of ice makers aren’t just experts when it comes to manufacturing quality ice products we are also extremely passionate about the business and our service levels to you the customer. Additionally we are also Coke Cola and Kingsley distributors. Please contact us for any enquiries. We promise we will always go the extra mile.

Here at Midrand Ice we guarantee our bags of ice will be of the highest quality and what’s more, If your order a large quantity and it meets our minimum order amount we can deliver your ice to you! We also have a sales office in Midrand so you can collect ice anytime even on weekends. If you or your business needs top quality ice products in Midrand and the surrounding areas, then Midrand Ice has to be your definite number one choice.

You can find our contact details here on our website!